SPERT™ Mobile released + Version 1.3 of SPERT™ for Task Estimation

This weekend, I released a new mobile version of Statistical PERT:  SPERT™ Mobile.  This new special release makes Statistical PERT easily used on iPhones and Android smartphones that have Microsoft Excel Mobile installed.  If you have a smartphone but don’t have Excel Mobile installed, it’s a free install.  Download Excel Mobile either from iTunes or Google Play.

Also this weekend, I updated Statistical PERT for task duration to Version 1.3.  In this new release, I’ve added a Welcome worksheet that has some brief, introductory information, including a link to a new Quick Start guide for use with any Statistical PERT spreadsheet.  In Version 1.3, I’ve add a pie chart visual to show the confidence interval for a collection of tasks, plus the upperbound and lowerbounds of the task total.

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