Monthly Archives: October 2018

Update Coming to Pluralsight Course in 2019

I recently published a new course on Pluralsight, a leading provider of online course content for IT and creative professionals.  It’s called Scrum Essentials Exam Prep, and it’s a course to help someone be well-prepared to take — and pass — the Professional Scrum Master Level One exam from

Pluralsight and I are now in the early stages of negotiating a new agreement to create an updated course to replace the original one I did for them back in 2015, Easily Estimate Projects Using Statistics and Excel.  The new course will use Statistical PERT’s forthcoming Version 3, which I hope to have available in January, 2019.  The new course will show users how, exactly, to use and modify the freely-licensed Statistical PERT example workbooks and templates.

A lot has changed with Statistical PERT since 2015 when my original course with Pluralsight was published.  I’m very eager to show everyone all the cool estimation problems that Statistical PERT can solve!

If you’re interested to learn more about this new Pluralsight course, stay tuned to this blog, as I’ll begin writing about the course development here.