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New Article on Soothsaying Your Risk Register

The folks at ProjectManagement.com have kindly published an article I wrote for them on soothsaying your risk register.  PMI’s theme this month (August 2016) is on Risk.  You can learn more about risk soothsaying by reading the article (note:  you have to be a PMI member to read articles on ProjectManagement.com).

I’ll begin explaining some details about risk soothsaying on this blog, but for now, you can get a quick overview of what soothsaying your risk register is all about just by heading over to ProjectManagement.com.

To be clear, soothsaying in this context has nothing to do with spiritism or divination or witchcraft or anything spooky.  Rather, it has to do with using the binomial probability distribution and Microsoft Excel functions.  Just so you know.